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Problems affecting the "ffmpeg2" package


our current "ffmpeg2" package has problems with shared library linking:

tron@colwyn:~>ldd /usr/pkg/bin/ffmpeg2theora
        -lavdevice.55 => /usr/pkg/lib/ffmpeg2/
        -lavfilter.3 => /usr/pkg/lib/ffmpeg2/
        -lswresample.0 => /usr/pkg/lib/ffmpeg2/
        -lavutil.52 => /usr/pkg/lib/ffmpeg2/
        -lavformat.55 => /usr/pkg/lib/ffmpeg2/
        -lavcodec.55 => /usr/pkg/lib/ffmpeg2/
        -lxvidcore.4 => /usr/pkg/lib/
        -lpostproc.52 => /usr/pkg/lib/ffmpeg2/
        -lswscale.2 => /usr/pkg/lib/ffmpeg2/
        -lavfilter.3 => /usr/pkg/lib/
        -lswresample.0 => /usr/pkg/lib/
        -lavutil.52 => /usr/pkg/lib/
        -lavformat.54 => /usr/pkg/lib/
        -lavcodec.54 => /usr/pkg/lib/
        -lpostproc.52 => /usr/pkg/lib/
        -lswscale.2 => /usr/pkg/lib/

Please see PR pkg/48333 for details. Another problem is that the binary
is called "ffmpeg2" which makes the package unsuitable for use by
e.g. the "mediatomb" package.

Is there any reason that we still need the "ffmpeg" package? I would
like to simply update it to the same versiom as the "ffmpeg2" package.
Alternative I would like to change the "ffmpeg2" package to conflict
with the "ffmpeg" package and install binary and libraries in the
normal place.

        Kind regards

Matthias Scheler                        

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