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Re: how to use different distfiles for py2 and py3?


On Sun, 12 Jan 2014 19:42:02 +0900, Thomas Klausner <> 

py-dateutil-2.0 is out, but it only supports python-3.x. The author
says that python-2.x users should stay at the previous version 1.5,
the current pkgsrc version.

I'm not sure how to get py-dateutil-2.0 into pkgsrc. If I make it a
separate package, all packages depending on it will have to use
separate DEPENDS lines for py2 and py3.

If on the other hand I set MASTER_SITES and DISTFILES depending on
PYPKGPREFIX, the version number of the package will differ between py2
and py3 and I expect that bulk builds won't like that.


How about following?
 time/py2-dateutil -> current one (v1.5)
 time/py3-dateutil -> upcomming one (v2.0)

then time/py-dateutil/Makefile include time/py?-dateutil/Makefile conditionally.

OBATA Akio /

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