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Re: Problems affecting the "ffmpeg2" package

> Please see PR pkg/48333 for details. Another problem is that the binary
> is called "ffmpeg2" which makes the package unsuitable for use by
> e.g. the "mediatomb" package.
> Is there any reason that we still need the "ffmpeg" package? I would
> like to simply update it to the same versiom as the "ffmpeg2" package.
> Alternative I would like to change the "ffmpeg2" package to conflict
> with the "ffmpeg" package and install binary and libraries in the
> normal place.

At least multimedia/transcode does not build with ffmpeg 2.x. I am in favour of 
removing transcode, since it is old (dated 2011), unmaintained, and one could 
use ffmpeg as a replacement tool.

Kind regards,

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