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Re: how to use different distfiles for py2 and py3?

Thomas Klausner <> writes:

> py-dateutil-2.0 is out, but it only supports python-3.x. The author
> says that python-2.x users should stay at the previous version 1.5,
> the current pkgsrc version.
> I'm not sure how to get py-dateutil-2.0 into pkgsrc. If I make it a
> separate package, all packages depending on it will have to use
> separate DEPENDS lines for py2 and py3.
> If on the other hand I set MASTER_SITES and DISTFILES depending on
> PYPKGPREFIX, the version number of the package will differ between py2
> and py3 and I expect that bulk builds won't like that.

This is a bit of a mess.  It strikes me as unreasonable of a python
package to drop 2.x support; while 3.x has been around for a while, I
haven't yet perceived the "2.x is old and crufty and anyone using it is
lame for not having updated" vibe at all, let alone strongly.

However, I expect that we are going to see more of this.   My
inclination would be to add some mechanism to express a dependency on
dateutil that gets resolved to the current package for 2.x and to
py3-dateutil (or py-dateutil20) for 3.x.   This could be with a line in
the depending package, or a metapackage that switches based on python
version, or some file in lang/python that simply has list with members like

dateutil time/py-dateutil time/py-dateuti20

and then a macro that basically says "depend on dateutil".  This is sort
of like metapackage, except the metapackages wouldn't actually exist, at
install time or in the source tree.

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