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Re: Issues with jabberd2 package 2.3.1 (Eric Schnoebelen) writes:

> "D'Arcy J.M. Cain" writes:
> - Are you sure that 1.4 is maintained?  The URL in that Makefile goes to
> - a page that is filled with dead links.  I see that there is a jabberd
> -  Oddly enough it is under the jabberd14 directory.
> No, I can't say I'm sure, only that I recall (in listening in on
> the various jabber/xmpp development and admin lists) that
> jabberd14 was still being developed, and at version
> 1.6.<mumble>.  Personally, I've never touched it.

I know of someone still running 1.4.  It is getting crufty, but it being
in pkgsrc does not seem to be causing problems.  The fact that it is
confusing our TODO parser is not a good reason to remove it.

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