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Re: volunteer to update Gnome to a newer version

Patrick Welche schreef op 16-12-2013 18:14:
On Mon, Dec 16, 2013 at 03:07:34PM +0100, Roelof Wobben wrote:
I  saw on the page that you need people to help on improving gnome-support.

I like to help to make a newer version of Gnome ( 3.8  or 3.10) avaible

After that maybe I will start on porting the Cinnamon desktop to Netbsd.

Can you give me advice what will be the right order of work to make this
I have to say that I have no porting experience or coding experience with
One sticking point at the moment is simply having icons continue
to appear after upgrading. Any help with that would be greatly
appreciated! A flavour of the issue is here:



Hello Patrick.

Can you confirm to me that there are Gnome 3.x packages.
If there are, were can I find them.

Then maybe I can help you and can start Cinnamon for NetBSD ?


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