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Re: Ghostscript seems to be broken on OS X

On 8/1/13 3:53 AM, Adam Ciarciński wrote:
Ok - I have tracked this down to a problem with freetype2. Ghostscript provides its own 
but pkgsrc places references to system freetype2 libs in CFLAGS and CPPFLAGS (I'm using 
XDarwin) as "-I/opt/X11/include/freetype2". This causes a build failure when 
just building ghostscript without pkgsrc. Building without this produces a working gs.

I can't figure out how that "-I/opt/X11/include/freetype2" is getting in to the 
CFLAGS in pkgsrc. I tried commenting out the reference to freetype2's No 
luck there.

How can I get pkgsrc to not put in this include path at configure time? If I 
can get past that, I should be able to test my theory.


Normally, adding PREFER.freetype2=pkgsrc to your mk.conf would trigger the use 
of pkgsrc's freetype2 package. But I suspect freetype2 gets picked by something 
else. Do you define X11BASE? Or, maybe, a configure script detects it.

On Mac OS X, I don't use X11 at all (X11BASE=/dev/null X11_TYPE=none 
PKG_DEFAULT_OPTIONS=-x11) as most package provide support for Quartz graphics. 

Kind regards,

Ok. So if I set "PKG_OPTIONS.ghostscript += -x11" and configure like this...

 # X11BASE=/dev/null X11_TYPE=none bmake configure

 ===> Creating toolchain wrappers for ghostscript-agpl-9.07nb4
 ERROR: freetype2>=2.4.5 freetype2>=2.1.3 freetype2>=2.1.3 is not
 installed; can't buildlink files.
 *** Error code 1


... It's wanting to use pkgsrc's freetype2 and I've commented the `.include "../../graphics/freetype2/"' in Makefile.

But upstream wants (and I want) us to use the freetype that's rolled in to ghostscript's distribution. How do we make that happen?


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