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   Date: Mon, 3 Jun 2013 23:40:52 +0000
   From: Taylor R Campbell <>

   I committed a change to make PKGSRC_SETENV be `env -i' by default.
   This should fix the build breakage of security/openssl in tool
   dependencies that has been broken for far too long (sorry, folks --
   entirely my fault), but it may break various other parts of the world,
   so please let me know if I have broken anything -- or, more likely,
   exposed latent bugs -- by doing this.

So, although I think this change is fundamentally the right idea, it
exposes more issues than I have the time to deal with myself, so I
decided to suggest backing it out unless someone else is willing to
take responsibility for handling all the issues it exposes.  tron@
backed it out already, though, before I got to my email today.

It shouldn't be too hard in principle to fix all the issues that have
been reported.  We just need a list of environment variables that
pkgsrc cares about:


.for _var_ in ${PKGSRC_ENV_VARS}
PKGSRC_MAKE_ENV.${_var}:=       ${_var_:D${_var_}=${${_var_}:Q}}
PKGSRC_MAKE_ENV+=               ${PKGSRC_MAKE_ENV.${_var_}}

But I don't think I have the time do find and test and otherwise deal
with them all at the moment.

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