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Re: pkg_install patch to support sysutils/etckeeper

  I just added sysutils/etckeeper, but to be fully support pkg_install
  need to run pre and post install hooks.

  The attached patch is my simple attempt at the needed hooks, does anyone
  have any improvements or is this or to commit.

A few comments, not entirely well thought out:

  The patch doesn't update the man pages.

  It's not clear whether this is adding back something that existed
  pre-DESTDIR, or adding a new feature.   It's not clear to me what the
  general need is, and whether ther approaches have been considered.

  In general, we have a notion that packages insteall into ${PREFIX},
  and that a few specific things happen besides that, such as rc.d
  copying, config files, and various other database housekeeping
  (generally for databases that are maintained by the packages
  themselves).   We don't have a notion that "pkg_install foo" makes foo
  live in a daemon sort of way, only that it makes foo available for
  commands to use, or for someone to put food=YES in rc.conf.  So I'm
  not sure what you want to happen automatically, and if it's
  appropriate.  And therefore I'm not sure about the set of use cases
  that need this.

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