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Re: "make replace" when package is not already installed

Alan Barrett <> writes:

> On Fri, 10 May 2013, matthew sporleder wrote:
>>- I'm not sure how to reliably test if the package is already
>>installed and make replace doesn't handle it for me like pkg_add does.
> I have patched "make replace" to make it work when the package is not
> already installed.  I think the attached patch is all you need.
> Please try it.
> If people other than you and me are interested, then I can commit it.

Thanks for sending that patch.

I tried it, and confirmed that it applies cleanly to both -current and
pkgsrc-2013Q1.  I did a make replace (in DESTDIR mode, because it's the
default and because I have PKG_DEVELOPER=yes) for two cases.

  scmgit-base (already installed)

  kpathsea (not installed, but I need tex, and am in one of those
  delete-all-tex-and-rebuild phases due to tex's
  move-files-cause-CONFLICTs and look-sideways-hose-database personality

both cases worked fine and the output looked sensible (no extra scary
warnings, no troubles).

So I'd say this might as well be committed; it makes sense for make
replace to fall back to just package-install if the package is not

Does anybody think it's important for "make replace" to fail when one
tries to replace a package that isn't installed?

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