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Re: add PKG_INSTALL_TRY_UPGRADE -- please review

matthew sporleder <> writes:

> Anyway, It looks like -U was a previously undocumented option, but it
> definitely does look like a better option than just -u.

Sorry, I was confused.   The new option is -D, which is in the pkg_add
man page.

> -u, -U, -U -u don't fail if the package is not already installed.
> They do the right thing and just install.

OK, but.

> I am still reading up on where using parts of the replace framework
> would be better than just using -U.
> I like the package backups but what else?

The backups are IMHO not important.

The point is that semantically what you are doing is exactly what make
replace does.  It's an abstraction violation to open-code this again
separately.  The other part is that make replace updates metadata about
which packages have had dependencies replaced out from under them, via
the unsafe_depends flags.  See mk/pkgformat/pkg/ for a
detailed explanation.


 - pkg_add -U should set the unsafe_depends flags, and then the
   unsafe_depends handling can be removed from make replace

 - pkg_add should have arguments to update a single package, and not try
   to update other packages recursively, and make replace should use

but those things aren't yet true.  Even if they are fixed, what you are
trying to do is "install the package, and if it's already installed,
replace it instead", and I don't think we should have repeated logic to
do the same thing.

Why do you not want this to use the replace target as a subroutine?

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