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Re: asterisk on NetBSD 6.0

On Feb 5, 2013, at 03:06, Emmanuel Dreyfus <> wrote:

> Hi
> Anyone is using Asterisk on NetBSD 6.0? 
> When atteptig an upgrade, I faced unpleasant crashes on startup. I have
> been able to get it working again with the attached patch.
> I am surprised I had to make significant changes. I wonder if the 
> problems only appear with my config, or if that release is uterly 
> broken. Or if it just has problems on NetBSD 6.0.
> Any objection to commit this patch in pkgsrc? 

This patch is needed for Asterisk (comm/asterisk18) and 11.2.1 
(comm/asterisk) too (tested on netbsd-6).


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