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Re: Avoiding cycles in the dependency tree

Hello Jonathan,

Thank you for all of the detailed replies.

> There is quite a lot of stuff in your mk.conf

It is probably time to do some cleaning in there :) A lot of it is
left over from a time when Minix had multiple incompatible toolchains
(ACK and GCC) with different tool names (ar vs gar) and from when
Minix had multiple C libraries (during the transition from Minix libc
to NetBSD libc).

I took some of that stuff out and reverted some other changes which
were causing _NEED_NEWER_GCC to be YES. Then, I think I found the main
culprit in our mk.conf: USE_GNU_ICONV=yes Adding printf()'s to
pkg_info, I was able to find the loop: libiconv-1.14nb2,
gettext-lib-, gmake-3.82nb2, gcc44-4.4.6nb4. I rebuilt
gettext-lib without libiconv to verify that it's fixed. Thanks again
for your help!

> What I do is bootstrap a pbulk environment into /opt/pbulk which
> contains gcc47, pbulk, and a few useful utilities for package
> development (pkgdiff, git, etc).  I then use the gcc from there via
> GCCBASE=/opt/pbulk/gcc47 in the main /opt/pkg build.

I'll try that next time I do a package build. Thank you for sharing your method.

> BTW, it'd be great to get any patches you have into mainline pkgsrc,
> if they are appropriate.

That's the plan :) At the moment I'm just trying to clean some things
up and get a handle on what should be suggested for mainline pkgsrc.
We don't have a lot of patches to pkgsrc itself since it's already
pretty portable to begin with. Most patches are just to port
individual packages to Minix and we're trying to upstream those.


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