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Re: Avoiding cycles in the dependency tree

* On 2013-02-24 at 21:44 GMT, Thomas Cort wrote:

> Issue #1: We get cyclic dependency issues with gcc. I assume this is
> because gcc requires gcc to build. Is there an existing workaround for
> this or any advice on how to approach a fix?

Sorry, I meant to add a few additional things to check before sending
my last mail:

 - First, check that $CC is actually in $PATH.  mk/compiler/
   (line 142) checks each dir in $PATH for $CC, and if not found will
   try to build gcc (and fail, naturally).

 - We use gcc47, so I don't recall if gcc44 has a similar layout where
   it doesn't actually install into $PREFIX/bin, but instead into
   $PREFIX/gcc47, and thus won't be in the default $PATH.  If so, you
   can use the GCCBASE variable I added to tell to look in
   $GCCBASE/bin for $CC.

 - If gcc is found correctly, the next thing to check is that the
   version match in line 165 is actually triggering, i.e. '$CC
   -v' matches 'gcc version'.  If not, it will be set to 0, and then
   you will run afoul of the default GCC_REQD setting which will
   result in pkgsrc trying to bootstrap gcc.

Basically, go through the detection code in mk/compiler/ until
you can figure out why it is not using the compiler you want it to.


Jonathan Perkin  -  Joyent, Inc.  -

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