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Avoiding cycles in the dependency tree


I'm a developer from the Minix project. I've been running into cyclic
dependency / compiler package issues, and I'm looking for advice on a

Background: Minix has no compilers in the base system. The 2 compilers
(gcc and clang) are built with pkgsrc. All minix systems come
prebootstraped (i.e. the install CD installs pkg_install, pkgin,
clang, etc). To use pkgsrc beyond just binary packages with pkgin,
users checkout our patched version of the pkgsrc tree (from, they install gcc44 with pkgin, use our default
mk.conf (;a=blob;f=minix/mk.conf.minix;h=7c236edefa0a906d3cd3a2aaff5be63e237562bc;hb=HEAD
), and they're ready to go.

Issue #1: We get cyclic dependency issues with gcc. I assume this is
because gcc requires gcc to build. Is there an existing workaround for
this or any advice on how to approach a fix?

# pkg_info -r gcc44-4.4.6nb4
Information for gcc44-4.4.6nb4:

pkg_info: Cycle in the dependency tree, bailing out

Issue #2: pbulk doesn't really work because it blows away /usr/pkg
(where the compilers live) when it tries to build packages. We've
tried installing the toolchain into another directory (/usr/pkg.sav/),
but libtool and other tools sometimes pick up stuff in that directory.
Any advice on this front? Maybe add gcc to the binary bootstrap kit
for Minix?

Thanks in advance,

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