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Re: pkg_summary out of date due to Unrecognized archive format

On Fri, 30 Nov 2012, Manuel Bouyer wrote:

> > Can that be disabled?  Or does it transfer missing files from the FTP 
> > server if they are available first?  My concern is the packages appear 
> > to be from multiple developers, so the pkg_summary keeps getting 
> > overwritten with wrong and incomplete information.
> Maybe that's the problem. The only updates for this directory
> should come from Is the pkg_summary on nyftp correct ?

I don't have a login there, but from doing a quick check for firefox and 
midori it looks correct. That is those packages are missing (and those 
are the packages I heard discussion about).

But on the official ftp server, midori and firefox, firefox10, and 
firefox36 do exist. But the pkg_summary doesn't list.

There is a mix of packages.

I have scripts that I manually run on the ftp server that detect 
problems like this.

See  as one example of this.

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