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Re: New options for freeswitch

On Thu, 18 Oct 2012 08:04:52 +0100
David Laight <> wrote:
> Those 'bitrates' look lines the ones used for the telephony audio.

Exactly.  This is part of the FreeSWITCH package.  FreeSWITCH is a SIP
telephone switch.  It's similar to the asterisk project.

> As such everyone will want 8k. I think 16k is used for some
> high-quality audio (but maybe I'm thinking of 16bit samples at 8kHz),
> dunno about the others.

Because it is an IP switch it may be used internally.  In that case
they may be OK with the higher rate ones.  Normally the 8K bitrate is
plenty.  The 16K bitrate may be marginally interesting.  The others
will seldom be used but we allow for them anyway.

> Those sizes look 'interesting' in the sense that the higher bit rate
> ones are huge!
> Maybe the sizes are dominated by some audio files?
> If so, maybe they need splitting from the program.

Of course.  That's why this is the freeswitch-music package.  I will
also be adding freeswitch-sounds, freeswitch-base and the freeswitch
meta package.

D'Arcy J.M. Cain <> IM:darcy%Vex.Net@localhost

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