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Re: python25 removed

John Marino <> writes:

> On 10/4/2012 18:59, Greg Troxel wrote:
> I am glad you like the suggestion.   I think we still don't see eye to
> eye on this "migration" issue though.  If somebody is using python2.6
> for their own purposes (meaning non-pkgsrc programs) then he's lost
> nothing.  You're clearly talking about a system with packages built
> with python 2.6 and the system owner switching to a new pkgsrc branch
> to update/add to his packages.  He wouldn't have the option if we
> stopped building python 2.6 packages (unless he set
> PYTHON_VERSION_ACCEPTED I guess).  I believe that risk comes with the
> territory of mixing branches.

I view pkgsrc users as being sourced based, so building with pkg_rr on a
new branch is my normal, rather than using binary packages.

I agree that branch mixing is a bad idea.  I'm talking about updating to
the new branch without having to 26/27 migrate.

> However, this is a good compromise:
> - python2.6 exists
> - python2.6 packages are not built by default in bulk
> - The possibility exists to built packages with python 2.6 from
> source, but the packages are not guaranteed to build or function
> correctly.
> Then the guy isn't "forced" to migrate, but it would be in his best
> interest to do so.

Sure, that's fine. I agree that people sort of should, but also think
that often there are many other considerations.

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