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Re: python25 removed

On 10/4/2012 18:24, Greg Troxel wrote:

Here we cross the tricky line from "upstream does not maintain it, so
it's definitely crufty" into "I don't see why someone else should not
have moved from 2.6 to 2.7, so let's nuke it".  As always, we don't know
what people are doing that isn't in pkgsrc (using python from pkgsrc).
And migrating systems takes time - I know of multiple boxes with 26 in
use, even though they could be rebuilt to 27.

I see this as mixing concepts.
One concept is using python for purposes not related to pkgsrc and the other concept is using a specific version python to build specific packages that can't be built with anything else.

For the latter concept, there's no problem at all deleting python2.6 if nothing requires it.

For the former concept, you can make the same argument about python2.4.

As I understand it, pkgsrc is segmented into "branches" so each branch should be self-contained and also to provide a guarantee that with this infrastructure, that package will build. "Migration" is only a problem if you start mixing branches, but that is specifically not supported (or do at your own risk).

Right now I don't see what harm python26's continued presence is
causing, and I object to a general approach of "I don't use that any
more so let's delete it".

Correction: PKGSRC doesn't need it anymore, it has a more modern replacement.

I object to needless versions of the same package. I would not object to python2.6 if it didn't spawn packages. Can multiversion be modified to build python2.6 without building python2.6-based packages? Then everybody wins.


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