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Re: python25 removed

On 10/4/2012 14:46, OBATA Akio wrote:
On Thu, 04 Oct 2012 21:12:34 +0900, John Marino <> 

After removing the PYTHON_VERSIONS_ACCEPTED line of their makefiles, I
was able to build sysutils/salt and textproc/py-pdf-parser with python
2.7 with no apparent issues. Those two package akefiles should be

For py-pdf-parser, you can find comments that it will not worked well
with 2.7
in its HOMEPAGE.
It means other packages potentially have same issue
(build&install fine, but not worked as expected).

I think we should only have two versions of python in pkgsrc (2.x and
3.x) but I'll leave 3.1 alone for another day. :)

3.1 is the last version not following PEP 3147.
Before removing it, PLIST handling should be improved
(for example, print-PLIST).

The pkgsrc version is listed at 3.7.
The latest version on that website is 3.9. I downloaded version 3.9 and I found this at at the top of the program:

        __description__ = 'pdf-parser, use it to parse a PDF document'
        __author__ = 'Didier Stevens'
        __version__ = '0.3.9'
        __date__ = '2012/03/11'
        __minimum_python_version__ = (2, 5, 1)
        __maximum_python_version__ = (3, 1, 2)

It appears to me that the author added 2.7 (and 3.1) support a few months ago as he implied he would do in the comments. With luck, this package only needs to be upgraded.


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