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Re: Impact of updating to tcl/tk 8.5.12, tcl-expect 5.45 with 7 proposed patch sets

On 8/18/2012 21:42, John Marino wrote:

I don't see any "hard blockers" here that haven't been identified as
easy to fix.

This should be a comprehensive assessment of the worst regression case
for updating tcl/tk/tcl-expect.  Any reason not to go ahead with the
tcl/tk/tcl-expect upgrades?

Here's an update on the impact status.
latest versions of tcl, tk, and expect:

devel/py-expect:     Works with latest versions without modification
graphics/tkpiechart: Works with latest versions without modification
mbone/wbd:           Fixed with patch
mbone/vat:           Fixed with patch
www/ap-dtcl          Non-TCL85 issue, already committed fix
cad/tkgate:          Fixed with patch
chat/quirc:          Fixed with patch
textproc/tcl-expat:  Fixed with patch
net/tcl-scotty:      Fixed with patch
net/tkined:          Built after tcl-scotty fixed
net/net-snmp:        Built after tcl-scotty fixed

databases/tcl-gdbm:  still broken
print/tcl-pdflib:    still broken
lang/tcl-otcl:       still broken, breaks 3 packages
tcl-itcl:            still broken, breaks 1 packages
tcl-itcl-current:    still broken, breaks 1 packages
x11/tk-Tix:          still broken, breaks 1 packages

will be removed after tcl upgraded to 8.5.12:
lang/tcl-tclX:  (dead project, nothing depends on it except tk-tclX)
lang/tk-tclx:   (part of dead tclX project)
lang/tk-expect: (expectk is not built by tcl 8.5, last version is 8.4)

This completes the pre-commit work that I'm going to do on TCL/TK/Expect
I'm being pulled in too many directions and frankly I didn't have the
time to devote this.  It took meuch longer than I anticipated.


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