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Re: Porting IBM Tivoli Storage Manager

On Mon, May 07, 2012 at 06:39:25PM +0200, Edgar Fuß wrote:
> The upstream distribution file is a tar containing several RPMs.
> There are server-compatibility issues warranting to package different
> client versions.
> For Version 5.5, the RPMs are TIVsm-API.i386.rpm (32 bit API) TIVsm-API64.rpm
> (64 bit API), TIVsm-BA.i386.rpm (the backup client), TIVsm-HSM.i386.rpm
> (hierarchical storage manager).
> As far as I understand, you need both the API and BA. The API64 is "optional"
> (whatever that means) and the BA is 32-bit. The HSM seems to need a lincense
> to operate.
> For Version 6.2, there are additional RPMs, one (TIVsm-BAhdw.i386.rpm)
> alledgedly for "snapshot difference incremental backup support for NetApp and
> N-Series file servers", plus four RPMs containing libraries:
> gsk{ssl,crypt}{32,64}.
> So here are my questions:
> Should I just put everything into one pkgsrc package or should I create one
> pkgsrc package per RPM?

IMHO you should split them up if you expect a user to only install one of them, 
or if it makes your life easier.

> The HSM RPM is quite large. Does it make sense to only extract the RPMs that
> are actually needed? If yes, how do I achieve that short of EXTRACT_OPTS_TAR?

I think EXTRACT_ELEMENTS is what you're looking for, see mk/extract/

> The gsk* RPMs install files in usr/local/ibm. As this is in the emulation
> directory, is it OK to keep that as-is?

Well, I don't think it will be in any users default path, so that might be a 
reason to move them to some more defaulty place.

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