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Porting IBM Tivoli Storage Manager

I'm trying to port IBM's Tivoli Storage Manager client (TSM) to pkgsrc.

(I'm aware of wip/tsm, but that's quite outdated and my questions would apply

I've already asked some of the more general question in separate threads,
but there are some left to this specific package.

What I know:

The upstream distribution file is a tar containing several RPMs.

There are server-compatibility issues warranting to package different
client versions.

For Version 5.5, the RPMs are TIVsm-API.i386.rpm (32 bit API) TIVsm-API64.rpm
(64 bit API), TIVsm-BA.i386.rpm (the backup client), TIVsm-HSM.i386.rpm
(hierarchical storage manager).
As far as I understand, you need both the API and BA. The API64 is "optional"
(whatever that means) and the BA is 32-bit. The HSM seems to need a lincense
to operate.

For Version 6.2, there are additional RPMs, one (TIVsm-BAhdw.i386.rpm)
alledgedly for "snapshot difference incremental backup support for NetApp and
N-Series file servers", plus four RPMs containing libraries:

So here are my questions:

Should I just put everything into one pkgsrc package or should I create one
pkgsrc package per RPM? It looks like just packaging the 32-bit API and the BA
(plus the libraries for 6.2) would suffice. So it's tempting to just build one
package (probably with an option for the 64-Bit API and the BAhdw stuff),
but mapping one RPM to one package looks cleaner (at least in theory).

The HSM RPM is quite large. Does it make sense to only extract the RPMs that
are actually needed? If yes, how do I achieve that short of EXTRACT_OPTS_TAR?

The gsk* RPMs install files in usr/local/ibm. As this is in the emulation
directory, is it OK to keep that as-is?

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