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Re: pkgtools/libnbcompat and MAKE_JOBS

On Monday, at 17:57, David Holland wrote:
| Unless all the objects really depend on the config header, better not
| to pretend they do.

In this case, all objects do depend on nbcompat/nbconfig.h, via nbcompat.h.

| Also, sometimes adding explicit depends to suffix
| rules can cause odd behavior.

Yes. This may be written on a separate line for safety:
$(OBJS): nbcompat/nbconfig.h

| In general, use of .WAIT in places where ordering is intended is
| usually better than introducing maybe-bogus dependency chains.

In this case, it does not seem bogus to me and may even help in case of
./config.status --recheck; make (although information in nbconfig.h is unlikely
to change between successive runs).

But I'm fine with .WAIT as well, especially since the Makefile actually
contains little information about dependencies.

| (although whoever wrote this was probably assuming "make depend"
| before "make", which also solves the problem.)

Yes, maybe. But for sure, there is no such 'make depend' in this Makefile :)
The Makefile is actually a raw for autoconf - with no automake
stuff and no bsd.*.mk inside.

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