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pkgtools/libnbcompat and MAKE_JOBS


I think there is a MAKE_JOBS issue in devel/libnbcompat.
This is an excerpt of files/

all: nbcompat/nbconfig.h $(LIB)

        $(COMPILE) $(DEFS) -c $<

$(LIB): $(OBJS)
        $(AR) cr $@ $(OBJS)
        $(RANLIB) $@

nbcompat/nbconfig.h: nbcompat/config.h nbcompat.awk
        $(AWK) -f nbcompat.awk nbcompat/config.h > $@

Since no dependency from .c files on nbconfig.h is generated or explicitly
stated, it might happen that .c files are compiled before nbconfig.h is
generated. I just ran into such a situation where there were weird compilation
failures in glob.c (the first object in OBJS) with -j3 that are otherwise not
reproducible (that was with gmake, not bmake. I think this makes no difference,
does it?).

Instead of flagging the package with MAKE_JOBS_SAFE=no, maybe it would be
better to fix the Makefile, e.g. like this ?

.c.o: nbcompat/nbconfig.h
        $(COMPILE) $(DEFS) -c $<

Best regards,

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