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Re: RFC: distbb for cross-compiling packages

Aleksey Cheusov <> writes:

> Replying to myself. The patch in the attachment solves the above problem.
> What it does:
> - If USE_CROSS_COMPILE is *not* YES, nothing is changed,
>   BUILD_DEPENDS contains both build-platform and target-platform dependencies.
>   A behaviour of the target "depends" is also not changed.
>   BUILD_DEPENDS contains build platform dependencies only, and
>   TARGET_BUILD_DEPENDS contains target platform dependencies only.
>   The target "depends" requires installed packages listed

First,  I am using

  host: the host on which we are doing cross
  target: the host we are building to

but maybe we should be using autoconf terminology

  build: the system we are building on
  host: the system we are building for
  target: the system the compiler we are canadian cross building
    compiles to

I skimmed your message and while thinking about it away from the
computer came to the conclusion that:

  USE_TOOLS is about host dependencies

  BUILD_DEPENDS should be about target, and is really a weak case of bl3

  HOST_BUILD_DEPENDS is a special case of things that should be USE_TOOLS.

On rereading I don't follow your BH/th labels; they seem exactly

Sorry if I'm being foggy here.

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