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Re: RFC: distbb for cross-compiling packages

> I have not fully absorbed your message, but my quick reaction is that
> support for cross-compiling should be independent of bulk/distribution
> tools.  But maybe I'm missing something.  Are you saying basic cross
> support is present,
Yes, it is present in a very limited form (an explicit separation
between build-host and target-host build-time dependencies is needed!)
and it is independent from bulk build tools like distbb. See
doc/HOWTO-crosscompile-xorg.  You can manually build packages one by one
using cross-tools adapting the build-host environment individually for
every package. What I did with distbb is that I tried to automate this
process and make it smooth.

Potential application for cross bulk builds this -- binary packages for
slow architectures.

> and you are enhancing distbb to make it easier to
> use in a distributed environment?
distbb was a distributed tool by design from the very beginning.  I run
my regular Linux bulk builds on almost 20 virtual machines in a
network. distbb is also fault-tolerant, that is it continues to work
even if some slave hosts become unavailable. See distbb README and
parallel/paexec for details. paexec(1) is an independent tool and is a
foundation for distbb.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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