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Re: RFC: distbb for cross-compiling packages

Aleksey Cheusov <> writes:

>> I have not fully absorbed your message, but my quick reaction is that
>> support for cross-compiling should be independent of bulk/distribution
>> tools.  But maybe I'm missing something.  Are you saying basic cross
>> support is present,

> Yes, it is present in a very limited form (an explicit separation
> between build-host and target-host build-time dependencies is needed!)
> and it is independent from bulk build tools like distbb. See
> doc/HOWTO-crosscompile-xorg.  You can manually build packages one by one
> using cross-tools adapting the build-host environment individually for
> every package. What I did with distbb is that I tried to automate this
> process and make it smooth.

So I would think that operations like

  on a machine, cause cross tools to be built

  on a machine, unpack a release set to form a destdir for use with
  cross tools

would be supported locally, with no distbb, and then you are saying that
distbb would have support for running these on the remote helper
machines so that one would be spared doing something N times?

I guess my point is that if one has only one computer, and then uses
distbb to do cross using that computer as the sole remote, and that's a
lot easier than not using distbb, then that's a clue that local
functionality has crept into the distributed tool.

I had not understood the extent to which the pkgsrc cross build
infrastructure was working.  It seems like it works fine and that
packages that are cross friendly are not an issue.  I'll try it out.

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