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Re: 5.1_2011Q2/i386 binaries are broken

 >> > > Aren't there Q3 packages now finally?
 >> >
 >> > Nobody runs 5.1 official bulk builds AFAIK due to lack of hardware.
 >> > This is why we still have binaries for Q1.

> I'll have them up and running tonight.

> As an aside, is there some way to run more than one package at a time
> easily on a multiprocessor system? I've got 8 CPUs

Yes. Upon their name both pbulk (Parallel BULK) and distbb (DISTributed
Bulk Build tool) support parallel builds.  If something bad happens with
your setup I'll run bulk builds then.  I've just started configuring
bulk builds but my machine is most probably much slower.

> John Klos

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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