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Re: R packages

Tim et al.,

Tim Zingelman writes:
 > Sorry to veer slightly off topic, but I feel the need to point out
 > that while this may be true for auto-generated R packages, please be
 > aware that there are many packages in pkgsrc where the directory name
 > does not match the package name.  The most common cases are those
 > where the package name depends upon the version of something else
 > (like py25-XXX, or ruby18-XXX) and then there are those where part of
 > the version number is embedded in the directory name (www/firefox36
 > for example).  Thanks.  - Tim

Thanks for noting this.  Yes, it is well-known that package names
follow all sorts of conventions.  Within the current world of R
packages, however, all do follow the convention that I mentioned.  I
also see no compelling reason why that should change.  Consequently,
within the limited scope of dealing with R packages, I think we are on
safe ground making this assumption.


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