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Re: R packages

On Mon, Oct 10, 2011 at 06:00, Brook Milligan 
<> wrote:
> Yes, there is definitely an analogy with the python and perl packages.
> However, I think there is a compelling argument that makes that
> analogy less useful in this case.  First, to my knowledge there are no
> tools creating python and perl packages from upstream information;
> perhaps there should be, but that is another issue.

I did something like this a few years ago for MirPorts: a tool that
can create perl module packages from information extracted with the
CPAN module, including, yes, a recursive mode.

I promised to port it to pkgsrc but I have not found the time yet. See

> Second, it is not
> clear how to discover the appropriate category to use, as there is
> generally no corresponding information in an individual package's
> DESCRIPTION file and even if there was there is no guarrantee that it
> would make sense within the context of the pkgsrc categories.  Thus,
> the tool cannot easily divine what category to use.

Or you could make the tool interactive and ask the user for the
category (which is what cpan2port did).

> Third, it is
> important to include dependency information in the generated
> Makefiles.  If R packages are scattered about in various directories,
> then it will be needlessly difficult to find them and generate
> appropriate DEPENDS clauses.

This is actually extremely easy. If your package is called R-foo (for
example), then doing

cd /usr/pkgsrc ; ls */R-foo

will yield the package name.


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