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Re: R packages

  Thanks for the various feedback on my original description of a tool
  for creating/updating/managing R packages.  Let me outline a modified
  version for tracking CRAN packages in pkgsrc for more feedback.

That sounds good to me.

It would be nice if in the glorious future there was a version of this
for other languages (as Benny mentioned CPAN), and even nicer if there
was some common infrastructure for the
perl/tex/python/R/ruby/guile... variants.

I generally think it's a feature that the script is not interactive, but
placing of new packages seems tricky.  Still, either way is a huge
improvement over the way things are.

It sounds like this can regularize Makefiles for R packages that are
different from how they'd be generated, and with manual review that
could lead to cleaner pkgsrc entries; if I followed that right it sounds

I don't see any reason not to add pkgtools/R2pkg with the program.

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