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Re: Bulk builds as a helper for pkgsrc developers

On Mon, Aug 08, 2011 at 12:20:31AM +0300, Aleksey Cheusov wrote:
 > One of the goal of running bulk builds regularly is to be informed about
 > problems as soon as they appear. At the moment the only thing we really
 > have is an information about packages failure, so package maintainer or
 > anyone interested can easily see problems with package they maintain or
 > use and fix it ASAP.
 > I believe bulk build are able to provide much more.  Right now, I'm
 > working on distbb where I'd like to implement the following additional
 > sanity checks and promptings for developers.  If you think you may
 > enrich the list below or have a comment, let me know.

In general this sounds like a good plan... although at the moment I
think we more urgently need better tools to handle the failure
information we already get. But that's a separate project, so...:

 > 1) missing CONFLICTS
 > 2) unnecessary CONFLICTS
 > 3) PROVIDES/REQUIRES consistency
 > 4) Possibility of installing each individual package in repo.

sounds good.

 > 5) config.log and stage_build.tmp may help to recognize

Yes! Providing config.log for failed packages would help a lot.

 > 6) Versions going backward
 >    I raised this problem several years ago but it is still not fixed
 >    properly.

I'm still not sure that anything useful can be done about this...

 > 7) Bad DEPENDS/BUILD_DEPENDS and result from previous bulk builds.

That sounds good too.

David A. Holland

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