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Re: OpenIndiana/SunOS binary pkgsrc repository

> said:
>> Try installing all the oi host dependencies listed in the wiki on our 
>> site 
> said:
> Hmm, but I'm not doing bulk builds on this particular machine, rather I'm
> just installing binary packages.  I wonder which of these prerequisites are
> run-time dependencies, and which are only needed at compile-time. I'll work
> on figuring that out for myself....

Now I'm puzzled.  As I mentioned, the nmh-1.3 depends on (is linked with), but the OI148 package manager can only find in
an old, obsolete package named "SUNWgnu-libiconv", which is not in the IPS repository.  In fact, "pkg search" can
only find versions 75 and 79 of that package in the
repository, and the package manager GUI refuses to install it because
it's obsolete.  You can force it to install if you manually select an
old version (only versions 79 or 75 have any files in them).  This looks
like a package which was renamed or removed (or made to be empty) from
later OpenSolaris releases.

I suspect that your pkgsrc bulk-build machine has this (in
/usr/gnu/lib/) left over from an earlier OpenSolaris install.  The file is
certainly not present in a fresh OI148 install, and it is also not present
in any of the bulk build prerequisites listed in the project wiki referenced
above (I searched the contents of all of them).

I think that at least nmh may need to be rebuilt on a machine which does
not have that obsolete SUNWgnu-libiconv package on it.  The "configure"
phase should find the proper iconv routines in the other libraries that
are present.  I will let you know if I find other pkgsrc binaries that
depend on this old package.



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