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Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc/pkgtools/pkg_install/files/lib

  From: "Christoph Badura" <>
  Add unlicense to default_acceptable_licenses.  Per advice by wiz.

This really surprised me, but having read the unlicense it seems ok.

Our standard for DEFAULT_ACCEPTABLE_LICENSES is that either FSF has
declared the license Free or OSI has declared it Open Source.  I chose
that intetionally to keep TNF out of the business of deciding
purity/freeness.  As far as I can tell neither entity has done so for
this license.

It seems licenses appear faster than they get evaluated, so pkgsrc is
stuck with "obviously this would be judged Free/Open Source if they got
around to it".

There's a wrinkle with the theory that the concept of public domain
doesn't exist in many countries - CC0 tries to address this with a
fallback license.

If anyone is plugged into the unlicense crowd it would be good to ask
them to submit it for approval to FSF/OSI.

I'm not objecting - just pointing out that deciding licenses meet the
Free/Open Source standard ourselves is a slippery slope (one I may well
have been guilty of starting down a bit at various points), and that
being conservative is in order.

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