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Re: Initial MirBSD support for pkgsrc

On Sat, Jan 15, 2011 at 10:57:36PM +0100, Benny Siegert wrote:
> Now that the pkgsrc tree is unfrozen, I am proposing a new version of the 
> MirBSD patch. This one fixes the bmake regression tests and contains some 
> other improvements, thanks to feedback from several people.

I've added your diffs to provide MirBSD support in pkgsrc.

A hearty welcome to all new MirBSD users!

The bmake modts tests diff is still to be committed - I'd like to check
that some of the more "historically sound" platforms have printf
available to them. I do take the point about interpreting backslashes,
so please bear with us - as this is just the bmake unit tests, I don't
think it's critical.

Once again, on behalf of the whole pkgsrc community, it's great to have
you guys on board.


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