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Re: default PHP to 5.3?


In message <>
        on Mon, 20 Dec 2010 16:51:05 +0900,
        "OBATA Akio" <> wrote:
> As release of php-5.2.16, "This release marks the end of support for
> PHP 5.2",
> so should we switch default PHP in pkgsrc to 5.3(lang/php53)?
I'm not sure when we switch.

> Or update lang/php5 to 5.3.x and drop 5.2 support?
I object to change content of lang/php5 to 5.3.x.

        * If we nuke 5.2, simply remove php5.
        * If PHP 5.4 released, add lang/php54.

So we could keep php53, php54, and so on and keep common stuff under
lang/php or mk?

Takahiro Kambe <>

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