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Priority binary packages

"All packages are equal, but some packages are more equal than others..."

Fast architectures can reasonably expect to have recent binary
packages available, but for slower systems (where binary packages are
more useful), its not possible to build all of pkgsrc before the next
quarter release.

Would there be any sense in marking some packages as "priority", and
targetting them first in bulk builds, and paying more attention to
them for update & breakages?

I'm aware this could be opening a can of worms as your critical
package is my useless bloated piece of cruft, but I suspect there
could be a workable set including some shells, a web server, a couple
of databases, base packages for scripting languages (php, perl,
python, ruby). For desktops some window managers, web browser, image

Actually, it might almost make sense to just put together a few meta
packages. What do people think?

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