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Re: "doc" option

There seem to be two different issues in this thread. I think we
should consider them separately. Also there may be some options under
each which have not been considered:
a) Eliminating docs on systems with limited storage
b) Avoiding the cost of building building depends such as tex &
doxygen to generate docs for some packages

'a)' really feels like it should have an option patch to pkg_tools to
exclude certain dirs on package generation or install. I would
personally prefer install as it keeps the binary packages the same,
though I could understand some would prefer otherwise.

For 'b)' all of the options incur additional maintenance:
1) Split the package into a foo & foo-doc, built & generated at the
same time. Very nice for binary users, doesn't help the main issue
here for source.
2) Split the package into a foo & foo-doc, built as separate packages.
Helps both binary & source. For certain packages it may end up being
simplest to just build everything for both packages but only include
docs & non docs in PLIST
3) Add 'doc' option to packages. Makes updates a little more fiddly
and adds more binary package variants.
4) Add a special pass when updating the package to build the docs &
then tar & bzip them and put on The checked in source
build then pulls down the pre-generated docs & includes. Slightly more
work on update but relatively simple automatable work (providing the
package provides a 'build without docs' option). Could even be
combined with '2)'.

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