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Re: wireless network detection/processing in net/gkrellm-wireless help needed

  please (Reply-To is set, but I know many mailers mostly ignore that).

Mine ignores it because I told it to because of all the misuse out there :-)

  I assume there is some nice interface ioctl that wireless interfaces
  support, and others don't, that could be used to apply to any random
  interface name (getting the list of interfaces is not an issue) and
  which would only work for 802.11 interfaces (even if it works for just
  most 802.11 it would be considerably better than what we currently have.)

This is all very sane now.  Run 'ifconfig -m', and then read ifmedia(4)
and ieee80211(4), and then read the code for ifconfig where it grabs the
supported media types list.  Probably the ioctls in ieee80211(4) are a
better choice than looking for 802.11-ish media types.

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