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Re: Progress on Minix port of pkgsrc

> devel/bmake

Since Minix now uses NetBSD's make natively, I am wondering if this is necessary?  Would it be better to have a need_bsd_make var in bootstrap (default yes) so we can have the native make used when possible?

Yup we can do this, except for a small issue. The system makefiles on Minix are called etc, where as the pkgsrc makefiles include files of the form, so to use minix make we need to explicitly specify the system file directory every time we invoke it in the context of the pkgsrc.

> and GNU ar installed in /usr/gnu/bin/gar.

IIRC, GNU ar is not part of the Minix base install.  Should building it from pkgsrc be part of the bootstrapping process?  Or is bootstrapping the toolchain a subsequent step to bootstrapping pkgsrc itself?  I forget...

I am working on an ack port as well. Once that is complete, we will bootstrap using ack and the user will have to (manually) install the GNU toolchain. The gar issue currently exists becaue we have to bootstrap using gcc.


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