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RE: Progress on Minix port of pkgsrc

> I am happy to announce that Pkgsrc now bootstraps on Minix (using
> the GNU C
> compiler). Patches for this can be found at [1]. These patches have
> only been
> tested by me and I am writing this mail primarily for feedback.
> Below I
> describe the changes I had to make to various packages/files.

Good work!

> devel/bmake

Since Minix now uses NetBSD's make natively, I am wondering if this is 
necessary?  Would it be better to have a need_bsd_make var in bootstrap 
(default yes) so we can have the native make used when possible?

> and GNU ar installed in /usr/gnu/bin/gar. 

IIRC, GNU ar is not part of the Minix base install.  Should building it from 
pkgsrc be part of the bootstrapping process?  Or is bootstrapping the toolchain 
a subsequent step to bootstrapping pkgsrc itself?  I forget...

Tim Larson
App Admin, Intercall Production Services

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