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RE: Progress on Minix port of pkgsrc

> Yup we can do this, except for a small issue. The system makefiles
> on Minix are called etc, where as the pkgsrc makefiles
> include files of the form, so to use minix make we need
> to explicitly specify the system file directory every time we invoke
> it in the context of the pkgsrc.

I'll let someone more experienced with pkgsrc internals address the approach 
here.  The idea of using the native make when possible makes sense to me, but 
if complications make this too difficult, maybe it would be better to build 
bmake from pkgsrc.

> I am working on an ack port as well. Once that is complete, we will
> bootstrap using ack and the user will have to (manually) install the
> GNU toolchain. The gar issue currently exists becaue we have to
> bootstrap using gcc.

Is Minix going to stay with ack long-term, or change to a different compiler?  
If the project moves to something else, effort toward ack support would be 
wasted.  Seems it would be much easier to use an external gcc to bootstrap, 
then build pkgsrc's gcc to use going forward, as is done on a number of other 

Tim Larson
App Admin, Intercall Production Services

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