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Re: building native OSX packages from pkgsrc (was: Pkgsrc on systems with existing package systems)

At Fri, 29 Jan 2010 11:19:10 +0100, Edgar Fu?ß <> 
Subject: building native OSX packages from pkgsrc (was: Pkgsrc on systems with 
existing package systems)
> > but which created native OSX installer(8) compatible packages
> > (despite their notable shortcomings :-)).
> But OSX packages don't handle dependencies, do they?

Hmmm... the pkgutil(8) page does say:

     Package dependency analysis and reference counting are not yet
     available, hence there is no --uninstall command yet.

However given the way I've seen packages used I think the trick would be
that dependencies for installation would have to be pre-calculated such
that the actual installer(8) "input" would be a meta-package specifying
all dependencies and which would include pre-flight scripts to determine
which components were already installed.  From installer(8):

          In the case of the metapackage, the packages which are part of
     the default install will be installed unless disqualified by a
     package's check tool(s).

I think Mac users normally want to download one bundle of things,
usually in a disk image, and then just double-click on the enclosed
package icon.  All the magic has to happen behind the scenes, but they
do expect an installer dialogue box to open for packages in order to
read the readme, agree to any license, specify the target volume, select
defaults and options, etc.  No other downloads should happen during
install though and nothing should ever fail just because you haven't
already installed some pre-requisite.  Every dependency has to be
included in every meta-package, and to heck with all the duplicates and
overhead.  :-)

                                                Greg A. Woods
                                                Planix, Inc.

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