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Re: Pkgsrc on systems with existing package systems

At Wed, 13 Jan 2010 14:02:52 +0000, David Brownlee <> 
Subject: Pkgsrc on systems with existing package systems
> Just an aside after a discussion with a friend who uses pkgsrc on linux:
> With the tendency for Linux and other systems to build tools such as
> perl & python into their base systems there is real scope for pkgsrc
> to be very helpful in some cases by allowing people to install an
> entirely separate package tree which they can manage and update
> separately to the base OS tools. A good example is getting perl 5.10
> on a 'stable' linux release.
> Is this something we should be talking about more?

Perhaps on a somewhat related note...

My desktop has "suddenly" ("finally"? :-)) become an iMac and I have for
the moment found that Fink ( has offered the
easiest and quickest way for me to get a few necessary additional tools
installed under OS X.  (I thought of using pkgsrc, but I had all the
fink packages I wanted installed before I even started to figure out
what I needed to do to use pkgsrc.)

Fink uses the Debian dpkg(8) package manager under the hood, and it
creates "virtual" packages to represent underlying OS X components and
packages (including I think at the OS X pkgutil(1) level).

Perhaps pkgsrc could do something similar to integrated with a
platform's existing package system?

This might help bootstrap easier on some platforms, but of course it
might also cause conflicts with the way one might wish to install a
different version of some package vs. the one already provided.

When I get some spare time I really do need to look at using pkgsrc on
OS X too!  :-)

                                                Greg A. Woods
                                                Planix, Inc.

<>       +1 416 218 0099

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