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Re: Pkgsrc on systems with existing package systems

On a somewhat entirely different note....

What I was really looking for to manage add-on software for my new iMac
was something, anything, like pkgsrc (macports, fink, whatever) but
which created native OSX installer(8) compatible packages (despite their
notable shortcomings :-)).

I guess that would come under the Summer-of-Code project titled "Add
other package format(s) to pkgsrc".

I think Mac users in general would be able to make much better and wider
use of open source software if they could obtain and install it directly
using the mechanisms they're most familiar and comfortable with.  All
too many that I've talked to just throw up their hands and say something
like "It's all too complicated!" if I mention fink, macports, or pkgsrc,

                                                Greg A. Woods
                                                Planix, Inc.

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