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Re: bookmarks not working with firefox-3.5.6 on amd64

2010/1/11 Greg Troxel <>:

> Did we just start making the build be --disable-threadsafe? ÂI have a
> pending pr pkg/42515 that is about sqlite3 not being build with threads
> and svn refusing to operate.

3.6.20 defaulted to threadsafe, 3.6.21 did not even though the note
said it did. Have set it to be threadsafe & bumped pkgrevision.

> It seems we think that firefox is calling sqlite3 as if it is threadsafe
> when it is not. ÂThis would seem to be a firefox bug if so (which I
> realize isn't all that useful to say).

Well one could argue its not on two levels
a) sqlite3 defaulted to threadsafe up until 3.6.20 and still *says* it
does in 3.6.21
b) firefox defaults to using its own sqlite3 anyway :)

Should all be fixed now

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