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rc.subr update (was Re: +RCD_SCRIPTS)

On Fri, 27 Nov 2009, Steven Drake wrote:
> P.S. I'm currently working on much update version of the rc.subr package.

So here it is.


* based on rc.subr 1.80 (2009/09/14) from the netbsd src tree.

* Instead of using making OPSYS command customization in the script, the
customization is done using make variables and sed substitutions at build
time.  The opsys command can be overridden in mk.conf if needed.

* Instead of directly installing the files to /etc and ${RC_SCRIPTS_DIR},
they are installed in ${LOCALBASE}/share/examples/rc.subr and
installed/removed by an INSTALL/DEINSTALL script.

* The install script installs rc.subr to ${RC_SUBR_DIR} and rc.conf to

* ${RC_SUBR_DIR}, ${RC_CONF_DIR} and ${RC_SCRIPTS_DIR} are determined when
the scripts are run, either from the environment or from pkg_install.conf(5).

   The last to point are to go along the the +RCDSCRIPTS templates I 
wrote and submitted to tech-pkg about 9 days ago.

* The pkgsrc version of RCS can be used by enabling the 'pkgsrc-rcs' option.

* From systems that don't have a bsd compatible chroot the nbchroot package
(include) can be used by enabling the 'nbchroot' option.

* rc.conf(5) rc.d(8) and rc.subr(8) man pages.

The rc.subr tarball has the new and changed files for the package and the
nbchroot tarball has all the files for the nbchroot package ready to be 
imported to 'pkgsrc/pkgtools/chroot'

An obstruction which was coincidentally thick-wire ether-net shaped.
Anyway I hope they find that outage soon..
        -- The Bastard Operator from Hell

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