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Re: SUBST_SED and newline?

Am 07.12.2009 um 08:04 schrieb fulvio ciriaco:

What about s/ab/a\\${.newline}b/g
It works fine and is quite easy to manage.

for me it does not work. With

SUBST_SED.sysio= -e 's,^\#include <sys/io\.h>,\#ifndef __sun\\$ {.newline}\#include <sys/io.h>\\${.newline}\#endif,g'

I get:

sed: 1: "s,^#include <sys/io\.h> ...": unescaped newline inside substitute pattern


SUBST_SED.sysio= -e s,^\#include <sys/io\.h>,\#ifndef __sun\\$ {.newline}\#include <sys/io.h>\\${.newline}\#endif,g

I get:

/home/schwarz/pkg32/bin/pdksh: syntax error: `if' unmatched
*** Error code 1


From: "OBATA Akio" <>
Subject: Re: SUBST_SED and newline?
Date: Mon, 07 Dec 2009 14:07:37 +0900

On Sun, 06 Dec 2009 23:18:16 +0900, Georg Schwarz
<> wrote:

Is it possible to insert a newline into a file using SUBST_SED?

Probably... sed requre bare newline, but it's hard to put it in

How about put such a sed script in files/xxx.sed, and -f ${FILESDIR}/xxx.sed

that one works.

Georg Schwarz  +49 151 11559652

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