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Re: Packages without DESTDIR support

2009/12/9 Joerg Sonnenberger <>:
> Hi all,
> has a list of all packages that currently lack DESTDIR support.
> Please help with reducing that less as far as possible.
> 19.6.4 in the pkgsrc guide has some notes for fixing common issues,
> testing can be done as normal user with USE_DESTDIR=yes.

Its annoying when updates to DESTDIR compliant packages break their
PLIST because the builder did not have USE_DESTDIR=yes set (to my
eternal shame I did this last week).

We have just over 8600 packages with just under 1200 lacking DESTDIR
support - could we agree a sane point to flip the switch to make
USE_DESTDIR the default? Maybe 8000 supported packages? or less than
500 without DESTDIR?

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